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Our Staff


I’m Dena and my role in the team is Events and Outreach Manager. I came to the Foundation following fifteen very happy years working in education within a Special Needs environment. After volunteering for over two years I began working for the charity in October 2015.

My role is varied and no two days are the same (which I love). I deliver our Educational workshops in schools up and down the country and organise and run our ‘Train the Trainer’ days for teaching staff and youth leaders. 

I also manage our events programme and attend events – everything from Download and Bloodstock to freshers fairs and alternative markets. Developing and ordering merchandise is in my remit – so if there’s anything you’d like us to stock let me know!


Hi, I’m Alison and I am Chief Executive of the Foundation. My background is in the arts and education sectors and I am passionate about social justice. I first became aware of the Foundation after hearing Simon Armitage’s Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster, on the radio. The programme jammed the Radio 4 switchboards when it was first broadcast in 2010 and Sophie’s story has lived with me ever since.

My job is to drive the development of the Foundation and make sure we stay true to our mission. We want to go from strength to strength whilst achieving the core objectives which inspired Sylvia Lancaster to found the charity. It was a privilege working alongside Sylvia, as it is a privilege to meet people at events and festivals and hear their stories. Thank you for the trust you place in us. 

We want to continue doing everything we can to help people develop a greater understanding and acceptance of difference and build safer, more tolerant communities for us all.


Hello, I’m Kyle and I am the Marketing & Development Manager for the Foundation. I started in February 2023 and my role involves developing the charity. When I’m not in the office designing and planning, I’m out in schools delivering presentations and workshops.

My background outside of the Foundation is that I am the frontman for dark rock band, Auger. It’s my experience performing to crowds all over Europe that I transfer into my talks in schools.


Hello, I’m Elloise and I am the Education and Engagement Manager for the Foundation. I started at the Foundation in April 2023, after working as a Secondary Education Performing Arts teacher teaching music and drama to 11–16-year-olds. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation came to give a presentation on Sophie and her story when I was in high school, and ever since then Sophie’s story has stuck with me. In my teaching practice, I have always promoted tolerance and acceptance of difference to my students, encouraging them to celebrate their differences and diversity in all shapes and forms.

My role at the Foundation involves developing the educational products we deliver including presentations and interactive workshops, as well as developing training sessions to equip teachers and youth leaders with the skills and resources to approach intolerance and prejudice amongst young people. When I’m not developing educational presentations and workshops, I’m out delivering them to schools, colleges and organisations who want to know about Sophie’s story and the work of the Foundation; I also get stuck into festivals too when I get the chance!