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Download 2023 Update

Well, we are feeling the love, aren’t we? We are so grateful for all your wonderful messages of support and affection. It feels amazing to know you have our backs, you know, absolutely, that we have yours 🖤

We have news! The logistical and staff issues have been resolved and we can now be in the Arena. This makes a huge difference as we get to see as many of you lovely people as we can. So it looks like we are back on! 🤘

Thank you for everything you do to support us.

If you are not at Download, new S.O.P.H.I.E. merchandise can be purchased online. Everything is available to pre-order and will be in stock by the start of June. Our merchandise sales do keep us going and enable us to keep spreading the word, so please support us if you can.

It’s true to say we were a little bit teary last night reading all your lovely words. Our community is truly the best. We will keep doing all we can to support you. Together we are SOPHIE, together we are stronger ✊🖤