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In Memoriam – Remembering loved ones with thanks

We have decided to create a space on our website dedicated to our supporters who are no longer with us, and it was their wish or that of their families to raise funds in memoriam for the Foundation.

Currently on the page, there is Jake “Mettle” Ettle-Isles. Jake was well known and well loved in the metal community, having even performed at Bloodstock Festival. Jake’s latest project, Cybervoid, had a new EP on the horizon which his bandmates decided to release and donate all proceeds to the Foundation 🖤

On the page, there is also Marie Windridge, a long term supporter of the Foundation and avid Download Festival goer. The year she passed, her friend attended the festival, holding Marie’s crutch high in the air amidst the crowd ✊

Please take a moment to read the page and tributes. Jake’s fundraiser is live now, so check that out too. Thank you all so much, once again we are so touched…