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What about the victims?

Sylvia was interviewed last week by Kirsty McIntosh, Senior Crime and Court Reporter at The Courier newspaper based in Dundee, Scotland. Kirsty approached the Foundation following a court hearing about an attack in Fife, where a 16 year old girl stamped on a young Goth female’s head. The attack followed online threats of violence. Alastair Brown, Sheriff at the Dunfermline Court, told her she could easily have killed her victim.

In the last couple of weeks we have seen shocking levels of violence against Goths reported to us. In our education work we are completely committed to working with young people who have not thought about the consequences of their actions. We also believe that we need to give people a chance to move on and learn when they make a bad choice or decision.

What we are talking about here though, is people potentially talking somebody’s life, just because of what they look like. Perhaps the perpetrator is young and needs to learn. It seems in this case, like in many others however, the victim is being forgotten.